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Olson Environmental LLC offers a full range of wetland and wildlife services. Since its establishment in 1991, Olson Environmental LLC has completed over 3000 natural resource-based projects in the Pacific Northwest. Projects completed by OE include residential, commercial, and retail development as well as public works and transportation projects for local counties and cities.

In addition,  Stormwater Facility Maintenance is a growing service within Olson Environmental. Protecting the land and your investment, and preventing fines, means hiring certified wetland management professionals to manage your stormwater facility. Key factors include the type of vegetation and growth – some trees cannot be removed, while invasive species are required for removal. Through our extensive knowledge, we are able to operate and manage the facility most efficiently, resulting in lower fees than most landscape companies, who may put your facility at risk. We have decades of experience and manage dozens of residential, commercial and industrial development.
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Wetland and wildlife services offered by Olson Environmental LLC include wetland delineation, habitat assessments, mitigation monitoring, mitigation planning, stormwater facility maintenance, technical writing, biological assessments, SEPA, JARPA, ESA compliance, and wetland/habitat mitigation planting & maintenance. OE has prepared or assisted in the preparation of critical areas ordinances for the Cities of Washougal, LaCenter, Yacolt, and Winlock and environmental documents for Urban Growth Boundary expansion for LaCenter and Washougal. Additional services include GIS Analysis and GPS mapping.

Our Services

- Stormwater Facility Maintenance

- Wetland Delineations

- Functional Assessments

- Habitat Evaluations

- GIS Analysis

- GIS Mapping

- Biological Assessments

- Wetland Habitat Restoration

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Mailing Address: 222 E. Evergreen Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98660

Phone: (360) 693-4555 | Fax: (360) 699-6242

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